Integrating Psychology & Communication.


Sequel Communications & Consultancy

 Sequel Therapy & Coaching

Communication  & Consultancy

We specialise in writing content related to well-being, mental health, interviews and stories that celebrate the human spirit. We have written for publications and developed contents for books.

We also provide consultations on projects related to well-being, communication and community/ group mental health.

Therapy & Coaching

Individual Sessions: Therapy sessions, coaching and self-discovery sessions are available for pre-teens, teens and adults.

Workshops: We conduct customised workshops and training sessions on confidence building, positive communication, wellbeing & creative problem solving. We also conduct sessions to activate creative thinking mindset and to improve interpersonal communications using speech Arts Communication & drama tools.

Talks & Workshops
Story of Me Self Discovery & Coaching



Story of Me Workshop:
InGroup Support Group for Youth:
(In- Group is a social Initiative by Sequel. It’s a collection of resource on the issues faced by teens and pre-teens)

(Registration: 53317890L)

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