Reclaiming Your Story

We launched our very first edition of The Story of Me workshop. This workshop was open to all, however, on this particular day, few women gathered in a cozy and sunny room, revealing their thoughts, fears, dreams and goals. The aim was to understand their own stories, and to pave way for a better version of oneself. It was a breakthrough, this edition one. The workshop was characterised by heartfelt conversations and determined milestones.

As a facilitator, it was an intense experience for me too. I watched as colourful dreams littered the walls, and the women encouraged and supported each other. These participants became the first to go through this immersive and interactive programme.

Story of Me will return on 6th of December 2018. It will still be characterised by heartfelt conversations, determined goals, and gentle support.

Prionka (Co-facilitator, The Story of Me)

edition 2

What are the participants saying…

“I was apprehensive before I came to the workshop. I thought the others will have goals and ambitions, and I will have nothing to say. I have never worked. But during the workshop, I realised that I have prioritised everything else for far too long. It was time I brushed up my own dreams as well. I also realised that in order to prioritise myself, I don’t have to de-prioritise anyone/ anything else. This workshop was a beautiful experience for me.”



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