About Us

Sequel was founded on the belief that together we can make a better world. So, we are collaborative and optimistic, rather than aggressive and competitive. If that resonates with you, reach out to us.

We rely on two powerful tools to make a positive difference. These are empathy to understand people, and creativity to find new ways of thinking and communicating. We dip heavily in to Humanistic Psychology, Design Thinking, storytelling techniques, and drama tools, (especially in our workshops and mentoring sessions) to transform thoughts and to create powerful storylines. Welcome to our world!

Services by Sequel

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Individual & Group Mentoring Sessions

Writing Services

Communication Consultancy

Story of Me (Programme for Women)

Our Clients

We work with companies, as well as individuals. Our clients include Fashion houses, Schools, Consulting firms, Technology & Software establishments, Media & Publishing companies, Artists, and Social Enterprises. We also collaborate with various groups, community centres, and VWOs.


Our Social Initiative

InGroup Support Group for Youth is a social initiative by Sequel. It’s an advocacy, support group and a shared resource on issues faced by kids & teens. We hope to build awareness on stereotyping, bullying, peer pressure, stress, or matters that need airing space. Follow InGroup on social media here


Founding Director 


Prionka is an author, consultant (communications & concepts) & a mentor/ mediator with focus on empowering the self. Her interest lies in understanding identity and its effect on decision making. As a mentor, she assists kids, teens & adults to problem solve and helps families to bridge gaps. Prionka has conducted workshops for Problem Solving, Creative Communication and Self Esteem for over 15 years. A Volunteer-Mentor with the Ministry of Social & Family Development (Singapore), Prionka’s qualifications are in the fields Advertisement & PR, Speech Communication Arts, Positive Psychology, and Psychotherapy. She writes for various publications and her book, Sia, was published in 2012. Contact: rayprionka@gmail.com