Mentoring & Introspective Sessions

1) Therapy, Coaching & Guided Introspective Sessions

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Coaching & Introspective Sessions

We offer an informal space that’s non judgemental and confidential. The sessions allow you to introspect, unpack, and explore your thoughts and emotions.

Mentoring Sessions
  1. Guided Session to Talk Things Out

These sessions provide a place for you to talk things out and de-stress. These sessions can be either on-going (depending on the issue) or it can also be a single session to help you calm down or gain clarity if you are overwhelmed or cluttered emotionally.

The session(s) aim to:

  1. Increase self-esteem/ self-worth
  2. Bridge communication gaps (with family members or others)
  3. Bring clarity in thoughts and emotions


The sessions provide safe space and a listening ear to guide you to a better place through an integrated approach. The sessions needed may vary according to individual needs.


2. Teen Mentoring & Family Mediation

We specialise in teen mentoring & family mediation and we go about it gently.

We know that being a teenager is complicated. It’s especially difficult to navigate identity and role confusion in teens and pre-teens. What does role confusion mean? Watch here

We offer teens an informal & safe space to lay out their thoughts, blow off out steam and settle eventually in to a comfortable identity space. This allows the young worriers to stop worrying about who they are, where they fit in and instead, they get the focus and energy to concentrate on things that matter. They find a way to reach their full potential. Please note that a happy teen is a highly productive teen!

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3. Introspective Session for Decision Making
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This session is recommended for anyone going through a decision-making process, whether it involves making career choices, everyday personal choices, or big life decisions. The session uses a structured approach to gain clarity over self and situation. Using creative problem-solving tools and a guided narrative approach, the session(s) provides you with pillars to base your decision making process on.


Available Formats

Face-to-Face Sessions

Online Sessions

Not sure what you need? No worries, we are happy to have a (no obligation) chat first. Do write to 98562830 to know more.



Hourly charges apply. Please contact us to know more.


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