The Importance of Self Talk

Self Talk impacts how we feel about ourselves, how we feel about our capabilities and how we interact with the world. It impacts our self esteem, self confidence and self image.

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What is Self Talk?

We often talk to ourselves. Self Talk is this internal dialogue and it is influenced by our subconscious mind. It comprises of our thoughts, beliefs, and ideas of ourselves and our world. It’s something that we all do without realising, and yes, we do it at all ages.

So in Sequel workshops and mentoring sessions, we focus a lot on self image and inner conversations. Why? It’s because self talk is very powerful. What we tell ourselves matter and this is proven again and again through self-fulfilling prophecies.

What is Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is defined as a false definition of the situation evoking a new behavior which makes the originally false conception come true” (Merton, 1968, p. 477)

In other words, when our beliefs and expectations influence our behavior at the subconscious level, we are enacting what is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy. This means if you tell yourself you can do something and really believe in it, you might just be able to do it. Of course, it works the other way round too.

If you tell yourself, you are capable, you become capable.

If you tell yourself, you are clumsy, you will be one.

If you tell yourself, you have leadership qualities, you will.

So, choose your words to yourself carefully and choose to empower yourself.


The Focus is on Conversations

This month, the focus is on conversations. Conversations with collaborators, partners, service providers, participants and readers. We have realised that though conversation is essential, it is not always easy. Especially when we want the meaning to be conveyed in the simplest of ways.

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So we would like to share with you what we know of communication and conversations.

  1. There’s a big difference between the written and the spoken word. So, what we would have said is not what we should be writing. In this age of social media, this lesson become even more relevant.
  2. The best communication is still the one that uses simple words and short sentences.
  3. Tone of the conversation can make or break any collaboration or relationship.
  4. If what needs to be communicated is difficult, find 2-3 ways of saying it. Then choose the most amicable way.
  5. Empathise with your audience, reader, listener. What would you have understood if you were on the receiving end of this communication?
  6. Timing is important. Ask yourself, if it is the right time for the communication to happen.
  7. If it’s a f2f conversation, keep your devices away. If it’s a conversation, where lots of information is conveyed, keep a pen and paper handy.
  8. Conversation can not be one-sided. Speak as well as listen well.

The focus is on conversation, and we have 2 upcoming events that allow it.

We are having a catch up session for the Story of Me participants. This is where we extend our support circle and revisit the goals. It’s a fun session with lots of chatter, where the participants share their stories of both success & failures.

Come talk to us!-2

For those who have missed being part of the workshop, do note the next schedule.

Story of Me dates

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Keep the conversations flowing!

Blog: Our Eventful 2018!

Sequel was founded just over an year ago with the aim to offer services that relied on creativity, Psychology and language. We wished to do it through a collaborative approach and since we are trained in Positive Psychology, we wished to bring the concepts from Positive Psychology to everything that we did. As we look back, it’s with immense satisfaction of having walked the talk.

Over the year, we have conceptualised new ideas and managed events through collaborations. We have reached out to people from different walks of life and brought them together for meaningful and creative interactions. We have designed and run workshops for both kids and adults (where not just creativity and language was emphasised, but self-esteem was nurtured too). We have written blogs and web copies, strategised contents and supported causes through our ideas, presence and volunteering efforts. We have also met teens and adults to talk through difficult times, to discover potentials or to just provide a listening ear through our affordable mentoring sessions.

Here’s a glimpse of the year that was.

We have many more things planned for the next year. We are adding a new location for our Speech & Drama classes in the west, we are continuing our ongoing The Story of Me workshops for adults, and we are conceptualising and creating more wellness programmes. We are also assisting more organisations in their communication needs through our writing services and consultancy services.

When you add  Psychological concepts to language skills and rely on creative tools like storytelling and drama to understand nuances of human interactions, you get an access to resource that’s powerful, insightful and effective. That’s what Sequel provides.  We bring to you our diverse resource platforms and our genuine interest to make a positive difference. To know more about our services, contact us at and we will be happy to drop in for a chat!

We are looking forward to the new year & here’s wishing you all a very healthy and happy 2019!

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Best wishes from Sequel!